Samarella's Journal

long road ahead

  • What a sweet tribute to your FIL and MIL!  I hate that things have not been improving for him and understand the questions that are floating through your mind as to why now and why him.  There are so many things that we won't understand until we're there too.  I'm come to understand that through the death of day I'll understand.  Hugs to you and your family!!


    P.S.  I'll text my digits in a bit.

  • It's so wonderful that your father in law was able to influence so many people in such a positive way. The unfortunate downside is that so many people who love him will miss him terribly when he is gone. All in all, I think it's better to have a heartbreak from the loss of losing someone wonderful than from regret that you didn't have the kind of relationship you wanted with the person who is gone. The love your FIL has shown will continue to bless your lives even while he is gone.

    I hope your family can find strength in each other during this really difficult time.



  • Sending you lots of hugs, Samantha!

    - Jackie

    P.S.  Great quote, I'm going to keep that one filed somewhere.

  • It must warm your heart to know how your FIL has touched other people- he sounds like such a great man.

    I wish we could somehow lessen the pain- i'm sorry your heart is broken :(

    Thinking of you and your family during this very difficult time.