Samarella's Journal

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  • Aw momma, I hope you find a way to integrate Trinity into the picture.



  • I'm sorry the suggestion of a generations picture stirred up previous plans you had with your angel.  I know it hurts.  I had my parents up to visit today.  My mother uses our loss as a marker in her timeline.  Only instead of thinking this internally, she says such and such happened

    "after you lost the baby."  May as well take my heart right out of my chest cavity.

    Sending you love,


  • Thinking of you tonight girl.  Sending you happy thoughts and peaceful sleep.  I'm glad to hear little man is doing good though.



  • Hugs to you my friend.  It seems like these "moments" never go away.  Reminders of what should be.  Like Lauren, I hope you can find a way to honor Trinity in the photo.  Many prayers for you and your bean!  God bless,


  • Big hugs, those dang should have beens get us every time!  I'm sorry your sweet Trinity isn't here to take that very special picture.


  • Thinking of you, Girlie.  Love ya bunches.  Can't wait to give ya some real hugs! xo