Samarella's Journal

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  • Sam,  I'm sorry.  I understand.  Only one person ever recognizes my sons week on earth.  She's a dear friend.  My family....including my sister and dad never acknowledge it!  Extremely frustrating and sad.

    I love ya and hugs momma,


  • Happy Heavenly Birthday to your sweet daughter Trinity.  I'm so glad that you had those texts.  You're not alone.  My parents don't aknowledge our loss.  It is so difficult at times.



  • I'm so sorry that nobody has said anything....  You know they miss her too!  Hugs to you as you remember your sweet girl on her birthday!!


  • Happy Heavenly birthday to your sweet Trinity.  I'm sorry that your family didn't remember her on her day.  I know that must have been painful for you.

    One of my dad's graduate students at the University he teaches at lost her daughter 2 weeks after I lost Marco.  I remember she told me that she was afraid that her daughter would be forgotten.  I find comfort in knowing that amongst us angel moms, our little angels will never be forgotten.



  • I know I said Happy Birthday to your Trinity but I slso realized she was born on my mother-in-laws birthday and some days I feel closer to her thsn my own mom