Samarella's Journal

Making Memories

  • I think that is a wonderful way to put your mind at ease and make your boys' day! Sorry that you are having a rough time, we are here for you, always!

  • Glad to hear that you were able to take a little break and spend some quality time with your family, and that you were able to enjoy it.  Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!



  • I love the pictures! Your boys are so precious. I'm sorry you've been in a funk. Sending a lot of love and as many hugs as you need.


  • Glad you had fun!  This year the Disney trip for me was so good and I didn't have all the Should have beens in my head.  When we took C the spring after losing Scott it was too soon for me....I loved seeing all your pics.  Nicki

  • I'm glad you found the true happiness of spending the day with your boys and making those memories. I hope it helped to shake off some of the sadness that crept into your heart.