Samarella's Journal

March For Babies Kick Off

  • Sam -

    You do so much for SHARE and March of Dimes.  I know Jadon, Trinity and Jaxson are all very proud of their momma.  



  • Samantha -

    That's awesome!!! Great job!

    Libby's right - you already do so much. Your story gives hope and healing. Being able to share in locally adds to that. Go you!



  • Wow Samantha those are wonderful news!!! I love the pictures so heart touching, oh look at Jaxson he was so tiny... I am sure Trinity is so proud of her mommy...



  • The other night when I was having a non-argument with my husband about setting aside time for him to be on his phone and me to be on Share and caring for the kids equally, blah blah blah. The usual stuff. I told him that the reason I try to log on at least once a day is because when I first joined Share the women on here saved me. All of you "seasoned" Angel moms let me know that I would survive this horrible awful event that was literally destroying  my entire life. You were my strength. Now thanks to you and everyone here on Share I hopefully get to pay a little of that forward. I think that you are giving Trinity a HUGE voice Sam. I wish that I had a you in person when I was in the hospital losing Arianna. Someone to tell me that after I left that hospital my world would not crumble at my feet. All the horror stories I heard at SU about how horrible some of our SYS sisters were treated after their loses. Your going to make sure that an entire hospital is educated about infant loss so that no parent ever experiences that again. That is am Amazing thing Samantha. I am so proud to call you my friend. :)

    Huge Hugs,


  • Amazing!  You put that so beautifully- getting a part of yourself back.  That's so true, I had never really thought of it that way.

    And I love the pictures like that... I tell you Samantha... there is something so special about Trinity's name, being what it is and in that picture celebrating your three beautiful children.


  • I got chills reading your post. You will help so many others to have a better NICU experience.  I know that Trinity and your boys will be so proud of you!