Samarella's Journal

MIA [2]

  • Oh Samantha...I'm so sorry.  Sorry that Trinity isn't here to turn four.  Sorry that you had to watch this young woman abuse her body and listen to her go on and on about whether she should keep what so many here would give anything and everything to have.

    I'm just so sorry.

    I'm glad you wrote about it, though.  I hope it helped to get it out and share it with us.

    We've missed you.


  • Samantha-I am so sorry. We are always here for you.


  • Samantha,

    I don't know what to just breaks my heart to hear stories like that.  her selfishness and immaturity are disgusting.  i am so sorry you had to listen to her day-in and day-out about whether to keep a precious baby or not.  i am so sorry that she had to bring so much pain back to the surface for you.

    we are all here for you.


  • Samantha~  

    I'm so sorry that you had to go through the insensitivities of this woman.  She sounds like a pretty selfish person to me and unfortunately those who are selfish don't think of anyone else.  You did your part.  You told her how selfish she was being.  


  • I was just thinking of you the other day. I need to just call you when you pop in my thoughts or at least send you a text message.  Wow Samantha, I had no idea you were dealing with that!  You were good being able to keep all that in for 3 weeks, I probably would have exploded day one, day two at the latest.  

    Samantha some people just get to live life viewed through rose colored glasses.  Their eyes are not as wide open as ours.  They live in the world where people get pregnant when they want to, and even when they dont and babies are born healthy after receiving all 9 months.  They dont just dont know how blessed they are.

    Hang in there sweetie.  

    Love you,


  • Samantha, I am so sorry you had to sit through all of that woman's selfishness!  What we wouldn't all give to be in her situation, to be pregnant with a miracle and have a happy healthy 9 months.  I'm so sorry!  I'm sorry Trinity will not be here to celebrate her fourth birthday with you!


  • im so sorry....feel so angry after reading this and so sorry i havent been around much lately....just been having a hard time too :-( a few weeks back i text a friend as i was feeling down and needed someone to talk to yet all she could talk about was the abortion she had had....going on about how bad she now feels...likening it to what all us angel mums have been through...its so unfair that we would give anything to have our angels back or for a healthy 9 month pregnancy then these thoughtless people chose to not have their babies then go on about glad i wasnt there to know when she was making her decision!i know i wouldnt have been so patient as you...hugs...thinking of you and your lil Trinity xxx