Samarella's Journal

MIA [3]

  • Your info is safe with us!!  I hope things will go the way you hope sooner than later.  I'm so impatient with things like that myself.


  • It is certainly not too much to ask to want a perfect pregnancy! It really irks me when others take their pregnancy for granted. I mean having a life/lives growing inside of you is truly a miracle.

    Glad you wrote to get some things off of your chest. Hoping things happen sooner than later for you!

  • Fingers and everything else that can cross are crossed for you!  I really hope my next pregnancy is the perfect one, I need perfect, but I fully don't expect perfect.  I expect stressful, and being in and out of the hospital, and a baby in the NICU hopefully.  Big hugs to you!


  • Aww, Samantha.  I'm sorry this last month wasn't it for you.  I really hope it works out this month, though.

    You absolutely deserve your perfect nine months and your big, healthy baby.

    Thinking of you,