Samarella's Journal

Monday.... is it over?

  • It seems like feast or famine when things go wrong.  Either they all go well together or everything falls apart at the same time.  I hope you feel better soon and know that today is a new day (Monday is over).  Things will look up soon honey!  Here for you anytime you want to talk.  HUGS!!!!

  • I am so sorry that you are all having such a rough time. There are so many emotions that come after Share union as it is, I'm sorry things are complicated even further with all the extra stuff. As always I am here if you need me. Love you


  • What's that saying it always happens in 3's.  That's what I feel like when things go down hill around here.  It just is one thing after another.  Hang in there and many hugs!  I hope you get rid of the cold soon.  

  • Awww.....bless your heart!!  I hate nasty colds!!  I hope you're feeling better soon and that the sun has come out down there to give your feelings a boost!  


  • Made it through my first day back at work today.  Luckily thanks to some nasty weather is was slow and I only had to work a few hours :)  Thanks for all the well wishes!