Samarella's Journal

Mother's Day

  • Thank you Sam! I think its important to remember that not everyone has a "typical" Mother's Day celebration. Some of us stay super busy so that we don't have to pause and think. Some of us have to visit the cemetery to spend time with our children and some of us spending the day wishing we had a child to mother at all. I hope your day was peaceful and wonderful with your boys.

    Love and Hugs


  • I love seeing all of these pictures of your sweet boys:) Yesterday was difficult, but I hope that you smiled as you watched your sons together. I know she's always on your mind. My angel is too.

    Sending you love and hugs from the desert,


  • Happy mothers day to you! Hope your day was great! I agree, even though I am so happy thinking of my two great little guys that are here, my mind also thinks sadly of the one who is always missing. It's a day to think about all of them, which can be a little bittersweet.