Samarella's Journal


  • Those visual reminders of how short a time our lil' ones spent with us is so difficult.  For whatever it's worth, the memories that Trinity has created are so much bigger than what fits in that box.  Think of all the memories you've made as a direct result of her presence here with you.  All the SUs... all the things you've done in her honor... all memories that never would have been created without her.



  • I know that it must be very difficult to pack everything up, especially those items that belong to Trinity.  I agree with Lauren whole heartedly.  Your angel is so much more and beyond:)

    I am wishing you strength as you take in your surroundings and look ahead to your new beginning.  

    Sending you hugs,


  • The ladies are right, Trinity is so much more. Hugs.


  • Lindsay and Lauren are so right!  Just because her physical things fit into a tiny box does not mean that all that she is and all the memories you have fit in there.  You've touched so many ladies through her and helped them through some tough times.  No, it's not the way you ever wanted or imagined you would be making memories with her and that totally sucks, but she is so much more than a tiny box.  Many hugs to you.


  • I know you'll find a special spot for her in your new home. She always has a spot in our hearts 3


  • awe, I'm sorry Sam. That makes me cry.  I'm glad you have some things of hers though. she's touched so many lives in the short time she was here.  She's never forgotten.  We love you girl!!