Samarella's Journal

my Beautiful rose!

  • Samantha,

    *hugs* I know a similar feeling, only the rose was from my best friend's burial and it wasn't a cat it was a person. I am sorry you had to go through the heartache of your precious baby's rose being shredded.

    I love your update! It made me teary eyed!! *more hugs*

    God Bless,


  • Your baby girl is with you and how touching she was able to show you.



  • Awww....  I have a beast cat too!!  She comes up with the strangest things to mess with when no one is looking!

    I know it's not the same, but maybe you could have the florist repair or make you a new one on her birthday!  I hope that your broken heart heals...

    Thank goodness for Jenn!!!  

    Hugs for you both in a few weeks!!


  • So awful, grr!  Of course, I hate cats so... :)

    Your update is wonderful.


  • Darn cat! They seem to love flowers, anytime I've had flowers in the house since getting our cats almost a year ago, they always seem to find them and tear them apart.

    Trinity had to show you that it was ok that the cat tore up the flower so she sent you a new one. How sweet! ♥


  • I am so sorry that your kitty cat did that.  I am thinking a squirt bottle is in order for this one.  I know that sinking feeling when you have that one item that you hold so near and dear to your heart.  Almost two weeks ago, my husband accidentally broke a tile that I had made back in 2008 when we were newly pregnant with Naethyn.  It has my two other kids' handprints on it.  I had it on a stand on the counter, a counter we don't use.  Well, the darn salt shaker somehow fell out of the cupboard, bounced off the counter and into the ceramic tile breaking it into many pieces.  I heard the noise and I was hoping that it wasn't my tile.  So, I haven't tried to glue it back together yet, but I was in tears!  My husband felt so bad.  Funny thing though.  The salt shaker that ruined it was a wedding gift from my sister. It was a sign! She and I are still feuding this year, so I'm going to blame it on her.  I feel so much better and so does hubby.

    Can't wait to meet you!


    P.S.  I'm thinking of you as you approach her birthday.  I have tears for you and I hope that you see more pink roses on this very special day.