Samarella's Journal

My First Birthday Without Her

  • Oh Samantha...  Happy Birthday to you.  I so wish your little girl was here with you, too.  But remember, you are not truly without her as she will always be alive in your heart.  

    Bittersweet, and not nearly what you wished for at the beginning of you journey, but...

    I hope for you to have some peace and enjoyment today.

    Hugs to you,


  • My thoughts are with you.  I am sorry that you having such a rotten day.  Your little girl will always be with you in your heart and I sincerely hope this does get easier.  She will always be in your thoughts and your heart but hopefully it will get easier.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  • Happy Birthday !!!!! Remember that your baby is an angel who is next to God watching you, and taking care of you.

    Pls God give this mother some strength.

    Carla's mom

  • Happy Birthday Dear!

    I'm glad your having a good day, you deserve it.  I'm sorry for the pain you are having to deal with though.  We are here for you!



  • Trinity,

    Your little girl and my little girl earned their wings on the same day.  I am so sorry you are feeling so sad and lonely without her, but I do understand your pain.  Your little girl will always be with you sweetie, she is a part of you and is in your heart.

    Your angel is sending you heavenly birthday kisses.  

    "Happy Birthday Trinity!!"  :)