Samarella's Journal

My speech

  • Fabulous! :) Just like you. How amazing is it to be able to share your experience with so many medical professionals. I'll tell you very rarely do they get the opportunity to here the entire story and see the person/people it affects. Kudos to you my dear. Great work. I may have to steal your line about how far we need to go! It's such a wonderful way to describe our little angel's losses when talking about the March of Dimes. It's often hard to discuss all the positive things the March of Dimes had done when making a speech and still include the loss of our angels. That's perfect! I love it. Amazing job Sam. I'm getting goose bumps!

    Love ya!


  • Great Job Samantha!!! I'm so proud of you- and so is Trinity 3

  • I love this!  Your ending is so perfect!  Thank you for sharing this with us!


  • Samantha:

    Well said! I like the part were you say Trinity's story shows how far we still need to go... You have done it great in that sense, supporting other mothers in this site...



  • That is a great speach. Thank you for sharring it. You are amazing. Hugs


  • You areamazing, Samantha!  I am so glad you shared your speech with us.  It's beautiful, heart felt and I bet it inspired many.


  • Beautiful Samantha!!