Samarella's Journal


  • My heart aches for you. I feel this way sometimes too. I knew that Keira was the last one or me. I knew that's all I could get Jer to agree to. All that my body would tolerate if it would tolerate her, which it barely did. I know how luck I am to have my girls but I can't help but want more. I can't help but want that flawless pregnancy that you read about. I want to show up in the ER and deliver a healthy 8 lb baby because I didn't know I was 9 months pregnant kind of crazy! I mean seriously we've had the opposite end of that kind of crazy why not? No worry no waiting for the other shoe to drop just a few extra pounds and then some gut wrenching stomach cramps and poof! A baby! That's what I dream about. :) oh in a perfect world. I am really glad that during this transition for you your able to focus on your sister in law. This can't be easy for her at all. Especially with so many additional factors. Your a very strong woman and I know you'll be there for her. Big hug to you


  • Hugs Sam.  It is so difficult.  You are so wonderful to be there for your SIL.  I wish you peace as you find your "fit."


  • Praying that you find peace.   Sometimes accepting where we are can be so hard and yet so rewarding.   I know the lyrics "we can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness"  run thru my mind.   Is letting go of the pain, letting go of our Angels?  No I think it's merely making a choice to live for them.    I pray that you find that peace!