Samarella's Journal

New Normal

  • Congratulations on Jaxson's dedication. I know how important it has been to your family to return to your faith and I'm glad you were able to celebrate that in such a meaningful way. I hope you can try to think of  your birthday as a way to celebrate all the good you do in the world advocating for a cause that is so close to so many of our hearts. I hate my birthday, too. I think when  you've lost so much it's sometimes difficult to celebrate, but each year we're alive is another year to honor our children, living and not, by sharing our mission.

    Big hugs, Samantha. You are doing great work that is blessing many lives!


  • First of all, oh my gosh he is so cute and I had a giggle at the Pastor (?) with the iPad- 21st century!  That's awesome.

    I don't think this a journey with an end- but rather a set of days where you practice navigating the new turns, and each time learn a new manuever along the way.  You've been around so many turns and been through so much- your navigation skills serve you well.

    A friend of my invited me to do something that really blew me away at the simplicity of it.. and also the power.  Use the present tense.  You don't have to hope or need these things you DO them.  You ARE able to navigate each day...I can.. I DO honor my kids..They ARE growing up remembering their sister...  I SHOW them life is made of wonderful moments...  Maybe you don't do them as well or as often as you want to... but you DO them and you deserve the credit.  You're truly amazing mama!!


  • And welcome to the 30s!!! They rock! ;)

  • I agree with Lauren the 30's rock! I was so excited to turn 30. The 20's were a rough decade and I was so happy to put it behind me. I was so excited to be 30. Lets hope I feel that way next month when I turn 31. :) I know that each time there is a family gathering there will always be someone missing. That will never change. Every holiday, birthday, family dinner has a new meaning now. There will always be a certain "shadow" present, reminding us what isn't there. Sending you lots of love on this very very special day.



  • What a big weekend for you and your family, Sam :)  Happy Birthday to you and congratulations on Jaxson's dedication.  It must have been a very special moment for you, and yes, bittersweet.  I'm sure Trinity was smiling down on you and her little brother in a very special way.  

    You do so much to honor your kiddos, and you should feel very proud of that.



  • Lol - guess I can't spell my name right ;)

    that's LIBBY :)

  • Happy Birthday .   Congratulations on Jaxson's dedication.  It was beautiful what you wrote about teaching your kids.  That is what I feel too like I need to teach C how to remember his brother and learn how to pick up the pieces when you get knocked down.  I do like that he gets to be part of our MOD mission with us I think it teaches our children so much about giving and helping others.