Samarella's Journal

New Years

  • Samantha, you said it so perfectly here, "mothering a memory of what should have been." Hugs! I LOVE this picture of the boys! Happy New Year to your family!


  • Happy New Year Samantha.

    Much love always,


  • Hugs and love, Sam. I don't think the ache will ever go away for us angel mommas -- wondering what the mom experience would have been like with our babies ... at every stage and milestone. Many hugs and much love.


  • It's strange how our grief changes so much more slowly than our children would have if they were here. I had the chance to spend time with two little boys over the past couple of weeks who are exactly the ages Tristan and Gunnar would be. It's crazy to realize that they wouldn't be the tiny babies we remember, the only "selves" of them we'll ever know. Tears are the only response to this realization. Hugs to you and your family.