Samarella's Journal

No Words

  • Samantha, I love your post:) You said it. I miss you and I'm sending you hugs until we see each other again next year.


  • Thank you dear friend!  Miss you tons!  Hate that we have to wait so long to hug each other again  Samantha!  

  • Where's that hugs button? I'd push it for this post. Well said. ((Hugs))

  • There is so much beauty and love in this post.  I think anyone who has attended even on Share Union knows exactly what you're saying.  We are so incredibly lucky to have found each other, even though I wish none of needed to be here.

    Lots of love to you,


  • We do definitely need that hug button, asap!

    Love n hugs,


  • Wow Sam...  this post is perfect in every way.  I also struggle putting into words how profound ShareUnion is to me and all the emotions that it gives me.  But what I really love about this post is your epiphany about being Trinity's mom.  I love you so much and am always here for you.  Trinity will live on forever in my heart and you will always be her mom to me.

    Love you so much!


  • Samantha - this is so beautiful.  I have chills and even more tears reading it.  I hope you know how much love, comfort and support you have given to me and so many others. I am honored to know you as Trinity's Mom.

    Much love and hugs,


  • You're so right!  There's no need to go through the whole story of where that other child is....Share friends already know and, more importantly, know that you're their mommy!  



  • Beautifully said, Samantha.

    I am sure it was an amazing weekend, as always.  I really missed being there!