Samarella's Journal

Not a very good SHARER

  • You're excused.....  No need to explain when you need a bit of time to deal with the situation.  It's tough and many of us know that better than anyone should.  

    Maybe we could all come to FL and have a mini-Shareunion!!  


  • COME ON TRACY!!!  Wouold love for you all to come visit me!!

  • sorry that you have had more really rough too..i have found the last few weeks so hard,especially saying goodbye to 2009...was so hard...feel this is another year with nothing to look forward to..also finding these weeks leading upto my angels first angelversary so hard...feel so on edge thinking back to this time lastyear...sorry im going on...i wish  Trinity,Ashley and all our angels were just here in our arms....thinking of you....hugs..chantelle xx