Samarella's Journal

not ready

  • I wish I had answers.... though I can't think of any answer ever that would be good enough to explain separating a mommy from her child.

    I hope you'll find the right way this year to celebrate Trinity and all she has brought to your family.  I'll keep you extra in my thoughts as her birthday approaches.


  • My grandmother once told me, after my son died, that she heard her favorite reverend say, "Don't ask, why me Lord?  Ask why not me?".  It have always tried to figure out what that means, but when you having a grieving heart it is not always clear...Hugs and prayers for you...

  • Hugs hugs hugs!!  Been thinking about you and your sweet Trinity!  I wish we could have the answers to those questions, I know they're ones that so many of us, too many of us really, have in our daily thoughts.


  • Keeping you and Trinity in my thoughts and sending you big hugs.  So hard, so unfair.


  • It's amazing how no matter the time that goes by, those questions still lingered - since there are no answers - just the questions.  Sometimes we can quiet them, and sometimes they echo loud in our heart - especially around an anniversary.  Hugs hugs to you as you count down the days to sweet Trinity's angelversary.



  • Huge hugs to you, Sam, as you count down to Trinity's birthday. Maybe you have been missing her so much more this year because of all of the special times you all have had with Jaxson and Jadon, missing her being right in the middle of them. :( That is so much for a mommy heart to take, we are all here for you, and can't wait to see you at SU.