Samarella's Journal

one less starbucks!

  • Amen!  Preach sister!  My own sister, who I love dearly, told me you know I dont dontate to stuff like that.  I was out done.  Stuff like that provided your neice and so many others a chance at life when as early as 10 years ago she would not have made it.  The neice that she loves so dearly and it breaks her heart that she is no longer here, dont dontate money to stuff like that.  Well her 6 year old little boy has erbs palsy and do not have full range of motion in his left arm, so I asked her do you donate to causes that benefit erbs palsy research or you dont donate to stuff like that as well.  She immediately had something to do and got off the phone.  Hmmmm


  • I'm so sorry, I know what your saying though, I always wondered why people can't donate just a few bucks...

    I know your frusterated but keep fighting...



  • I will this cause is very important to me!  Thanks for the support and understanding!