Samarella's Journal

PLAYDATE and 11/17

  • So jealous that you got a SYS sister visit! I guess when you live so close to Disney and palm trees you get lucky like that. No one wants to come see corn. :) Give Erin lots of hugs from corn country.


  • fun!!!!  I can't believe how much Jaxson has grown!!!  I must say that I'm a wee bit jealous of some hangout time.



  • Happy Birthday Samantha! Oooh, a fellow Scorpion:) This day is super special for you and your family for so many reasons:) I hope you have a nice celebration and thank you for the many things you do for MOD and it's mission. So cool that you had a playdate with Erin and the kiddos! Cute pics!


  • fun fun fun!  Great post you put on fb.

    Florida is a great place to visit but Jami I love your state too.  you all have an awesome Children's museum and if my hubby ever convinced me to move I would consider your state.

  • How awesome that you all got to get together!  Love the pics :)