Samarella's Journal


  • What a great quote!!  So fitting.....

    The message that your pastor preached is very true even though you were wanting to scream out.  Even though you didn't ask for life without Trinity, He has helped you go through these 5 years and breathe without having to remind yourself like those first days.  He's also led you to Share so that you could Share your story and help others in the same situation.  I have to believe that God is using me to help others.

    Hugs to you!


  • I really like the quote you added in your post.  I so believe that someone is taking care of my son up above until it's my turn to take over.  I hope whomever it is tells him all about us down here and how much we wanted him, miss him, and grieve for him.  If I can save anyone from this daily pain I feel, it is so worth it to share his story.

    Reading your entries has certainly helped me.  I don't want to know how much deeper of a depression I would've been in if I hadn't found SHARE.

    Wishing you peace as the memories and dates approach,


  • Oh Samantha, that is a very nice quote, it made me cried....... oh yes, that feeling, what I hated most, is when people told me or I heard people tell others when they are suffering, pray to God, and you will have your answer, a miracles will  happen if you have Faith...... I think  I am a Believer, but in that time, when my angel passed away,  I had a single thought going over my head: Didn't I prayed enough?? Maybe I am not a believer or have no faith and God punished me..... where was my miracle???  now I came to peace with that, I have found, as you said all the blessings in my life, and I am more grateful for all of them....... I attend Church (sometimes) but I think my relationship with God is more personal, and sometimes people at church bother me with their comments, but then I think they have not been in my shoes, or any angel mom shoes, so they don't know what they are talking about, Faith. As Lindsay said, and I have discover, nothing heels better a broken heart that helping others.

    Thinking of you in these days

    big hug


  • I absolutely love the quote. I have seen you use it before. It actually give me chills. Oh how I wish it could be the other way around though.

    Love ya sis. was nice talking to you today. you are just so crafty ;-)