Samarella's Journal

"at least you only have one"

  • Awwww... I'm sorry for the comment the man made. I'm sure he didn't have any idea and certainly didn't mean for it to hurt so much.  But an angel mom's heart remains raw always.  It's just so unfair.  :(



  • I am so sorry for that other parent's comment.  Some people only see what they want to see.  Somtimes, it's good to remind people to watch their words:)  Glad you spoke up.


  • Oh, hun...I know how bad you wish you had to buy all that for 2 kids. I do too.

    Sometimes the most innocent comments can have the biggest effect.

    ♥ you!


  • Some people just don't know how good they have it! I'm sorry you had to meet one of them today. Thinking of you.


  • Im so sorry to hear that, people are so insensitive sometimes. Im sure he didn't mean to upset you but i think it has to do with the fact that this is a sore subject and the world doesn't really know that infant loss is a fact that affect many of us.

    I didn't really know how "frequent" it is until if happened to me. It is a sad reality.

    I still dont know what to say when people ask "do you have only one".

    Stay strong,