Samarella's Journal


  • Sam, I'm so sorry.  So hard not to take it personally when it feels like family isn't being supportive.  It has been a challenge since that first fundraising year.  My local FTC chapter discusses this very thing.  I keep trying different things.  Some are a total bust and some are successful.  Regardless of the funds raised and the folks who choose to participate, what matters most is how you honor your baby girl on her special day and on your MOD walk.



  • So sorry.  I too have found that each year there are fewer and fewer donations.  I haven't even sent out my email yet, mostly I think because I worry people won't donate.  I agree with Lindsay, whatever you raise, you are raising awareness of prematurity by walking and you are honoring Trinity's memory at the walk and every day.  And she will never be forgotten here.


  • I have honestly felt this very same way and it causes me to be very guarded about even mentioning Arianna to anyone but my Share friends or my best friend. I guess I am trying to prevent this type of rejection. I am so sorry Samantha. People who have not suffered that type of loss just can not begin to understand it. They don't understand how it can still hurt so bad after so many years. All they know is that when someone dies they grieve and move one. They don't know that when it is your child is does not work that way. You never "move on". The pain just lingers. Sometimes it's a little further away but it is always there. I don't want anyone to feel this way but sometimes for just a second I wish they could see it.



  • Sam-

    I'm so sorry.  So far my only donation to our team is mine.  It gets hard to hold the torch year after year.  For what its worth, you don't know that people have forgotten her, only that they are silent and the two are very different.  I think sometimes even our kindest friends have no idea what to say or how to acknowledge our kids, and maybe the "older" they get, the even less they know how.

    Trinity's worth or remembrance is not measured in your team's total.  Look how much you do with every step... it's amazing and priceless.



  • O Sam your sweet Trinity is alive in my heart & I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that precious little princess let her mommy to me.& you have helped me more than I have words to express!!!!! I 3 to the moon & back remember our savage garden song. I am so sorry your "real world friends" are letting you down but you will always have me & so many here. I will call you about the other in your entry:) HUGE HUGS Nauls mom