Samarella's Journal

Reality [2]

  • I hear ya!!  You can say it won't help all you want, but when I feel like I'm helping, it helps!!  I'm glad that Jaxson is on the mend and hope that he's all smiles soon!



  • And feeling like your doing something is totally worth it.  It makes wonderful sense to me.

    You have amazing mommy intuition and your kids, all three, are so lucky to have you as their mommy.


  • Sam, you are so right on with the mommy instincts

    and so glad that you didn't listen to that doc and took him in.  If it feels like it's helping, then it is.  I hope Jaxson feels better soon.  


  • So happy my little chubby man is home, happy and healthy! No more straw, hooray!


  • You do what you have to to feel like you're making your home safe for your boys.  I am so glad your instincts are so strong and that you listened to them.

    Much love to you and those awesome little boys.