Samarella's Journal


  • I'm sorry for your hurt and pain.  I'm thinking of you.


  • I am so sorry for what you are going through.  Please know that we are alll here for you.


  • Samantha,

    I am so sorry for this terrible grief that is sweeping over you.  Anniversaries are often difficult days for families who have suffered the loss of a beloved child.  

    Feelings of being overwhelmed, confused, lonely, and sad are all normal.  I wish I could take the ache in your heart away, but this pain is a reflection of the deep seated love you express for your son.  Feel the feelings.  It is only through feeling that we are able to move through such a tremendous loss .... such a complicated pain.

    I hope you have a list of trusted friends and family nearby.  Loved ones who will gladly hold your hand, sit next to you, and listen to your thoughts.  SHARE is wonderful to gain support.  But there are times when it is more comforting to physically sit next to someone, and feel a hug.  

    I am thinking about you as you revisit these sacred moments.  You will never forget your child.  But with time, the immense pain you feel will lessen.  It will fade with time, leaving behind a clear and precious trail of love, hope, and a cherished life.



  • I am so sorry you are sorry that "anniversary" dates keep the pain at the surface.  I understand, I've been there.

    Please know that we are all thinking fo you.