Samarella's Journal


  • Sam, I am so relieved to hear that they were able to drain that infected stuff out.  How very scary for you all and I hope that Jaxson feels better very soon.



  • Hope its a speedy recovery! How scary... love and hugs!


  • How scary that had to be for you. I am glad that you went with your instinct and took him in again. You are such a great mom! HUGS.  


  • Sending lots of hugs, thoughts, prayers and love.


  • I'm so happy that you took him back to the doctor. Go ahead mama! I'm sorry Jaxson had to have the surgery, but I'm glad that you did what needed to be done and I'm glad they could drain that infection. How scary!! We're keeping you guys in your prayers!! Heal quickly little man!



  • Sam-I so wish I could drive over there and be with you. If I was on break, I would be there in a heartbeat. Love you, give Jaxson a hug for me!


  • that had to be so scary for you!  Glad to hear he is doing better.

  • Been thinking of you guys all day.  So thankful he is doing well.  I can only imagine how fried you are mama!  Thanks for keeping posted.


  • I know you've had the week from hell. My thoughts and prayers have certainly been with you. Wish more moms advocated for their kids as you do for yours!!

    (((hugs)))  Nesha

  • I've been so scared and worried for you. So glad that they have things under control and the lil guy is feeling better. Hugs and love to you both!


  • So sorry for all you all have been through. Sending lots of love and prayers as Jaxson continues to heal.


  • I'm SO glad that you listened to your instinct and kept on them even though they said everything was ok.  Mommy scores one again!!  Hoping for a quick and happy recovery for your sweet guy!  Can't wait till you see that big ole smile on a regular basis again!


  • Scary, scary... SO glad he's starting to feel better.  Love and continued prayers.  xoxo


  • Oh Samantha, I can't even imagine.  I am so glad he came through the surgery well and is on the mend.

    I hope you can get some rest too.

    Much love,


  • Sam, I am so glad your boy is getting better. I love seeing his pics on FB. Only we as mothers know when something is not right, no matter what any doctor tells us. So happy he is getting better and getting back to his normal happy self. Hugs!