Samarella's Journal

Riding the waves

  • Samantha,

    I know where you are at. I have been there before and will be there again soon I am sure. The holidays are always a reminder of what we are missing. For me the holiday season starts off with Arianna's birthday and just sets the entire season in motion. I hope you know that I am always here if you need me. Always here to talk about your precious baby girl and for you to know that I get it. Your an amazing person Samantha and you do so many things for those around you. I hope that your are able to feel better soon.

    Love ya,


  • the Precious Moments figurine.  That's so sweet!    Is that a snake on the floor by Jaxson?????  So not a fan---even then they're plastic!!!!

    Okay---so on the important part of the blog.....sending big hugs for you for each day the funk stays near.  You know I'm working on the "Funk-A-Way" spray so I'll send you some when I finalize the product!  You're doing great girl....hand in there!!


  • Im prayingfor you samantha. I know the holidays are hard. Your boys are adorable and i love the precious moments