Samarella's Journal


  • I agree that SHARE is such an amazing communtiy of love and support. Marco sure knew what he was doing when he led me to you all.  

    My heart is also with the St. Clair's in a major way, and the entire SYS community as well.



  • Stacy and I just said that the first one of us who wins the lottery has to built a Share neighborhood. So we can walk door to door collecting hugs when we need them. It's very hard when the people who understand you the most are the furthest away. After four years I feel like most of the people in my life have moved past my grief. This is the one place where I feel safe and free of judgement. You are so right Sam.



  • Beautifully said, Sam.   So much of what the site is right now is thanks to you.   Thank you for all that you do to make the warm, welcoming place it is.  You are one of the brightest lights in my constellation.

  • Tons of hugs to you!!


  • Love you Samantha!! You bring so much to this site by sharing your journey and your three beautiful babies with us.