Samarella's Journal

Saying goodbyes

  • I am so sorry for your neighbor. I hope that the cancer is treatable and he is able to move back home soon. He is in my thoughts.


  • He sounds like a very sweet man!  I hope that the treatments will work well for him and that he's home before you know it.  I'm definately praying...


  • He definately sounds like an amazing man! That just plain stinks. I do hope that with the treatments and with prayer he can overcome this and get back home; next door to you, where he belongs. I'm glad his daughter works in the medical field... she can watch out for him a little easier! I will thinking good and healing thoughts for your friend.

    Love, Kelly

  • I often feel the same.  Things make no sense.  I am so sorry to hear of what your neighbor is facing.  I'm sending hope that things were caught early and he will respond well to treatments.

    My thoughts are with him and his family,


  • He is an amazing man, he will be in my prayers everyday...I hope everything works out for the best...and yeah god does things for a reason sometime it just take awhile to figure out y he chose this for some ppl...