Samarella's Journal

Should Have beens

  • Hugs, love.  We're here for you. It's totally okay to have those bawling, temper-tantrum moments. You have to let yourself.  Trinity understands.  

    Thinking of you.


  • Oh Samantha, I'm so sorry you're facing another year without your sweet girl.  Jaxson will never know that you didn't buy anything for him before he was born.  He won't care.  He'll have his mama, his big brother, and his big sister watching over him.

    Be sad but don't let guilt eat you up.  You're doing the best you can, it's all anyone can ask of you.


  • Sam, I know Trinity is looking down on  your and Jaxson and will be watching over you two in the upcoming weeks!  It's alright to be sad.  Don't let it consume you.  See you in October!


  • I hope that you are feeling more peaceful. It will never be right that Trinity is not here with you. Sending you much love.


  • I hate that life is unfair.  I hate that Mom's have to have that hole in their heart while they miss their child.  It's not fair at all.  

    And don't feel weird about the guilt for a fairly easy pregnancy.  I know it doesn't really compare but I felt that when I was pregnant with Matt.  Just another way for Mommy guilt to kick you while you are down.  

    Sending you lots of hugs and love for Trinity's birthday/passing date.  3


  • I'm so sorry that these days are getting tougher....  Hugs!!!!

    Maybe Trinity is in Heaven saying, "See that lady God?  That's my mommy....can you make her baby grow big and strong for me??"


  • Tons of hugs coming your way.  I'm so sorry that this year is especially heard for you.  Loving what Tracy said above!


  • Hugs, these days are so emotional, and it is harder being pregnant, all the hormones... Don`t worry too much of the things your kids have or not, they have more precious things that money can't buy, loving arms and great parents to care for them.... I know we want to buy the world to them, but they are happy with simple things....

    Thinking of you


  • Thinking of you as Saturday approaches. I am one week behind you on my angel's day.  My only little girl with her two brothers here with me. I am sure Trinity picked out the most special of souls for her little brother.  I will keep you in my thoughts.


  • Thinking of you, Sam. This is definitely an emotional time ... in more ways than one. Please don't for a second feel guilty about this pregnancy going well so far. Enjoy it -- because you deserve it. Allow yourself to take a breath.

    hugs and love.