Samarella's Journal

small goals

  • xoxoxo,  One goal at a time... Come on six weeks... come on six weeks!!  :)


  • Congrats!  I am sorry that I missed your last post. I think small goals are good.  You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Small steps and a day at a time. Hopinc & praying for a sweet, healthy full term baby for you

  • I am over the moon excited for you.  I have been hoping that you would post this news.  Yes, small steps.  Breath by breath.  Pregnancy after all you have been challenged with will be a long road -- so continue with your small goals.  

    Thinking of you-


  • You are so sweet to include us:)  It's your news and hopefully the morning sickness will subside, so that you can keep with your 12-week planned surprise to your family members.  So excited for you and can understand the small goals.  

    Rest, sleep, and know that I'm thinking of you:)


  • Glad you have set small goals to look forward to. Six weeks is a great start. I am so happy and here for you. Keeping everything crossed for a long 40 weeks. Hopefully the morning sickness doesn't give it away. HUGS!!