Samarella's Journal

Someone hit the pause Button PLEASE!!!

  • Oh Samantha I loved the third pic!!! Jadon's face is priceless!  hugs and more hugs, ADHD is a hard road to travel, we can just give them support and love, and it is a long exhausting battle each day... But you are a great mom, and I know you are doing fine and when things settle more you can relax... I think there is a year that is harder when medicines, routine and school group  starts to "adjust", be brave it will get fix.... in the middle time hugs.....


  • I love the pic with the brothers, too! I know that you're doing all you can to help Jadon, and I'm sure on some level he does, too. You will both keep learning together to manage the ADHD. I can tell you that most of my diagnosed high school kids are very good at managing the condition and advocate well for themselves. They also have very normal social lives. I know Jadon will get there someday!

    Hugs to you and your sweet boys,


  • Samantha the boys are so precious. This blog just broke my heart and I was at a loss on what to say. I had to reach out to someone who had first hand knowledge of this kind of thing. My husband. He has been diagnosed with inattentive ADD and Aspergers. He actually was able to get a scholarship to college because of his ADD diagnosis so all is not lost. He told me that at that age he had trouble with his peers also. He said that the friends he did make were close and lasting friendships. I know that Jerry struggled socially in school but he did excel academically. He graduated early. You are probably right about him being more intelligent than his peers. I have read many studies about children and adults with ADHD being above average intelligence. I remember reading about Jadon like legos and its funny because Jerry did as a kid and still does. He puts them together with the girls. Its amazing what kids can focus on when they enjoy it. Jerry struggles sometimes with things he isn't that interested in but we manage. He is extremely loving and helpful and I think thats what truly matters. I think its the rest of the world that needs to understand Jadon not the other way around. Just the opinion of a loving wife here though. :) Hugs to you momma.


  • PAUSE!!!  Did it work?  I'm so glad that Jaxson came along for you, I just love watching him grow!!  I'm glad that Jadon is head over heels in love with his little brother!  Sending some hugs your way and hoping that very soon Jadon won't have to struggle so much with everything with the new path you're on.


  • O Sam Jaxs is just so amazing but no one knows that better than you do:) I have listening to him talk & babble when we are on the phone!! Melts me own heart honestly. I know just how you feel with Jadon. Having a son with ADHD is so very hard more so at certain times than others. I sure hope these new meds work well for him & you. You are so right you don't need to be so hard on your self your a wonderful mom!!!!!

       Love ya, Nauls mom