Samarella's Journal


  • It's a strange word strong.  And I think it's hard to own.  If getting up every morning and trying to put the pieces of this unknown puzzle back together... and making sense of a word that makes no sense doesn't take strength... then I'm not sure what does.

    Much love,


  • I've always wondered too about being strong...basket case would also have accurately described me after Scott passed...I think we become strong because we realize that's the only choice we have...I have described my life as a puzzle so many times and how I've just tried putting it back together the best way I could.  sometimes I wonder is it good enough...hugs to you friend! =)

  • I do wonder sometimes how I got through it all in those early days, as I'm sure we all do.  But we did - somehow - one minute, hour, day at a time.  We leaned on those who were there for us when we needed to.  We cried when we needed to.  We blogged when we needed to.  We got through it.  We are strong.

    Hugs to you!


  • Love you girl... I scoff when people use strong to refer to me too. I just do what I do to get through. One more step forward and hopefully one day I won't take as many steps back. Hang in there. I am always here for you.