Samarella's Journal

SU [2]

  • Well I just think it is one of those things where SU happen to be going on at a time where the Hyatt is running a pretty good promo deal for those beautiful rooms.  Actually, when you think about it, $199 was a pretty good deal if the original price is $300 for this time of year.  Its been a long time, like 4 years, since I have stayed in high-end hotel.  I am going to revel in evey moment of it.

  • LOL  Yeah it is a good deal but you found better LOL!!!  plus you found the f and B promotion!  Girl Im sooo excited, glad we have had the chance to get to know each other over the phone and through emails...  Probably making this a whole lot easier on us all!  thanks for everything

  • Yolanda is one awesome chick!!

    I definately think the hotel should recalculate the rooms for things such as this for a non-profit.  After all, we're trying to help babies, not help hotels!!


  • Yolonda is the bomb!  Sounds like everything is starting to work out for the best.  See you in DC!


  • Well, I'm glad you ladies found at least a partial solution.  I And thanks for sharing it for the rest of us!

    See you at SU,


  • Keep in mind that we are also providing you with breakfast lunch and dinner (plus some snacks!) on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday!  

    :)  Can't wait to see you!!



  • Kate- You guys are amazing!  Thanks for all your hard work in this years SHARE UNION!