Samarella's Journal

Sweet Baby Ryan

  • Ooh, Samantha, I'm so, so sorry for both your friend and you.  To have to watch your friend suffer the way you did is so unfair.

    I'm thinking of you and your friend.  May God bless Baby Trinity and Baby Ryan always.


  • Oh Samantha, it breaks my heart every time I hear another angel has joine the ranks with our sweet babies in heaven.  I will keep you and your friend and her sweet baby girl Ryan close in my thoughts in the days to come.  Like Tommie said, life is just so unfair.  


  • I'm so sorry to hear this news.  I know that you would love to be there in person, but calling and letting her know that you're there is a huge help as well.  I hate that she has to know this pain....  Please let her know that my thoughts and prayers are with her as she misses little baby Ryan.