Samarella's Journal

Telling Family

  • I know exactly what you mean about letting people down. How did Jadon take the news? The t-shirt is very cute!


  • Aww the tshirt is so cute. I did that with Maddie to. Praying so hard for you...try and take it easy...I know easier said than done. One week at a time. I know they go so super slow when preggo.,,and fly when your not. lol

    Love you girlie and wish you all the happiness in the world.



  • What a big step... and what a fun way to announce!!


  • Oh Sam, this is so cute!!!  How exciting!!!


  • Sam, wish I could do something to help you feel more secure in this pregnancy but you know all too well that there is no guarantee until baby is actually here safe and sound in your arms. I hope this pregnancy gives you the fairy tale ending that you so deserve. And just know that no matter how you feel, you did NOT let anyone down when Trinity passed away and you miscarried. Both those losses were outside your control and you couldn't have done anything to stop either of them.

    Sending love and hugs your way,


  • What a great way to share the good news!!!  Prayers continue for you and this little one!!



  • What a big step for you to tell some family. The shirt is really cute. Prayers continue to come your way. HUGS


  • Love the shirt!! Too cute.

    You didn't let people down, sweet. I wish you peace for this pregnancy. Saying so many prayers for you guys.  

    Love and hugs,