Samarella's Journal

THE CHAIN...(updated)

  • It is beautiful ~ Thank you so much for thinking of our babies at this time.

    You are truly a great soul.


  • What an AWESOME display!!  I am so glad that all our angels are together!!  

    Big HUGS,


  • How precious is that..Thank you so much for thinking of our angels..that is wonderful..Thanks for all the love you put into it. I am very proud that Alexander is on that it is a chain of LOVE. I wish the nbest. Thank you so much. Take care.


    Alex's & Little Peanut's Mom

  • This is wonderful!  You put a lot of time and effort into it................perhaps each year you can add to it as we remember our angels.


  • It is beautiful.  I am sure that it will continue to make an impact on people.

    Angi "Phoenix's MoM"

  • I love your idea of the chain to remember and maybe find comfort in knowing that our babies are not alone. If you don't mind, I'd like to adopt this idea on my tree this year as well. Last christmas I was alone. I lost my son on July 4, 2006 then soon after my husband was deployed so christmas was the last thing on my mind. This year I think it would be a lovely way for my husband and myself to remember. Thank you for everything.