Samarella's Journal

The days keep rolling by

  • I think its so awesome that you are doing all this work to your home and finding a way to make your room your special place, as it should be. I understand about the holidays and always wondering about the one who is missing. I am so glad you are able to say you are happy.

    love and hugs


  • I'm loving Jadon's artwork and it's looks like you all had a lovely time at sister-in-law's wedding! Very awesome that things are going smoothly. You so deserve to just be able to coast and enjoy:) I know you've been making a lot of home improvements and doing the work yourselves. All of those things just add to the property value and make your castle all that more comfy for you guys to enjoy. I bet it's been really fun watching Jaxon playing ball!  I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend with hubby and the boys.

    Sending hugs,


  • Oh no, I spelled his name wrong! Woops, I meant Jaxson:) Have a wonderful weekend my dear.


  • Sam, I am happy to hear that you are in a good place right now. Ride the tide -- and enjoy it. You have been through a lot, but you have found a way to capture the sun and let the rays warm your face. Trinity would be proud.


  • hugs to you.  It's nice to be able to say, I"m in a good place.  I hope you keep enjoying it.  Your family is beautiful love the pics. Nicki