Samarella's Journal


  • Hugs to you Samantha. Beautiful picture of your boys with Trinity's bear.  

  • Looking at two very cute and sweet boys there with Trinity's bear right in the middle:) I love their shirts! know that ache and I know that while every year without her has been painful, this is another milestone kind of year for you. I'll be thinking of you as her month slowly approaches.



  • Hugs to you Hun. We are all here for you in the good times and especially in the bad. Share Union taught me its ok to have the bad days. They will come and go for the rest of our lives. Can you write down your memories of Trinity? Create a memory box? Song cd's, clothes, ect. and whenever you worry about forgetting pull it out and look through it? She will live on in your heart forever and that's what is most important.

  • I think that is why I hang on the SYS and my blog so much.  All the details everything is here and I haven't figured out how to save them all.  9 years of blogging 500+ blogs.  I do have a memory box but I just wish I could keep them safely tucked into my head and as time passes I can't.  I know my love for her will never fade.   I know that SYS has helped be my safe place for her and I can imagine me being 60 years old swtill coming here and blogging haha!  

  • Awww, what adorable boys you have! I love that you have them posed with your Trinity Bear. I need to get a picture of my boys with my Sean bear. Your post is right on, it simply sucks that they are without their sister but she is for sure never forgotten!