Samarella's Journal

time to move on

  • Enjoy your beautiful Celebration of life and enjoy the awesome celebration of Jadon's Birthday! Happy Birthday Jadon!!

    Take good care of yourself during all of these things you are handling. God Bless!


  • Happy Birthday to Jadon!

    It sounds like your stepdad was a great guy, and a wonderful dad to you. lol, love the story of trying to ski across the mud ON HIS WEDDING DAY! lol, men!

    Many hugs and lots of love sent your way today. I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your amazing little man turning a year older!

    ♥ Jill

  • Aww, it sounds like your stepdad sure was a character!  I'm so glad that you were all able to get around and reminisce about the good times with him.

    Happy birthday Jadon!!  I hope you both have a wonderful day today, you deserve it!