Samarella's Journal

Too fast

  • I can so relate right now! Abbey has already mastered the eye roll and the "I can do it myself" phrase.  I keep telling myself it wouldn't hurt so much if she wasn't my one and only.

    Love and Hugs


  • I think the hardest part of this parenting thing is knowing we are raising them to let them go. I have one turning 18 on Saturday and on the doorstep to college. I can't fathom how quickly these 18 years have gone by.

    Hugs on the dances. I imagine that's so hard to see.



  • I know what you mean about those future memories once envisioned. It's unfair that you won't get to experience those moments. I keep seeing things in 3's and it's driving me nutz! It's all happening so fast. Just yesterday I went to a conference about a variety of future legal things for T and I had to think about when he'd be turning 17.5 (2025). Urgh, it's not tomorrow, but it sure doesn't seem too far away either.

    Those two boys sure look cute in their shirts:) I hope that they had a wonderful holiday. I'm glad to read that Jadon has his group of friends and that Jaxson is ready for another season of tee-ball.



  • Absolutely love their smiles in that picture.  It's hard to believe they are that big.  I know the feeling of time going so fast and I hate that you don't get the daddy/daughter moments.   Love you.