Samarella's Journal

Trying to stay strong

  • You certainly are doing something that many parents of angels fear a great deal.  Not only are you associating with a pregnant woman .... You have agreed to be her support during the birth of her baby.  

    There will be many memories associated to your experience as you sit with your friend through her labor and delivery.  Some of these thoughts will probably be painful.  Hopefully, you will also have the benefit of some healing during this time, too.  

    Be gentle to yourself.  You are doing something far earlier than most people would try to do .... And if the results are not as you hoped ... Know you did your very best by attempting to be there for your friend.  She appreciates your generous spirit...

    Take care.  Be well.  And take it one moment at a time.  

    Wishing you healing and hopefulness.


  • It is very nice of you to go visit your friend and her new baby.  I know you'll try and be strong, but please know it is okay to cry.........I'm sure your friend will understand.  You are very brave to go see your friend, I don't think I could have done it as soon after losing my boys.

    Your friend is very lucky to have you.