Samarella's Journal

Two blogs in one... Jadon / Reflection

  • Oh Samantha, I think we all get this.  Who are we?  Are we our kids' mom, our husband's wife?  

    Doing your best is all anyone can ask of you.  Your children, all three of them, are lucky to have you.  And I know they are (or will be, as the case may be with the boys) proud of who you are and the way you mother them.

    Much love to you and your sweet babies,


  • That's a great question......  When I come up with a good answer for my own reflection, I'll tell you how I figured it out.  Don't look for it too soon though......

    Love the pics of the boys!!  My best friend's little boy use to do the look like Jaxson is doing in the 2nd pic and we called it "sweet eyes".  I think his "sweet eyes" worked!!  LOL!!



  • I often wonder who I am. So many of the things you mentioned above define me but I am desperately trying to find our who I am underneath it all.

    I think that you are a lot of very wonderful things. The bad things don't define you they just help shape who you are.



  • This is certainly something I need to think about. I love the pics. I'm so glad that Trinity's names will be added and you will have a place to go.

    Love always,