Samarella's Journal

ugh pain

  • I'm so sorry, Sam.  I know it hurts (literally and figuratively).  Even though Lucia is 14 months old now, and my attempts at *** feeding her are a thing of the past, I still have moments where I feel sad/disappointed/guilty about it not working out.  For the most part I have made peace with it, but it definitely still weighs on me from time to time.  I have a good friend w/ a 10 month old who has been very successful at *** feeding, and so being around her is a little hard for me.  When I read anything about breastfeeding in an article or hear something about it in the media, it adds a little salt to my wound.

    But!  Overall, I have found peace with it, and I hope that you do too.  Remember to be kind to yourself and know that you are an awesome mommy :)

    SU in one week!


  • It sure is such an unfair worl we angel and preemie moms live in. Like a constant joke sometimes. With my oldest she spent 6 weeks in NICU and I pupmped until I was raw and got nothing, after Ari passed I leaked for weeks and even started again two months after I stopped. Hope they have good wine at Share U!



  • Boobs are such a hassle sometimes!!!!

    Hugs girl!!!


  • Hope you've got some ice packs in rotation in the freezer to help with the pain.  I'll have drink(s) in hand for you girl!