Samarella's Journal

ugh work!

  • Sam....

    I went back to college when I was 30 years old. You can do it! I was in school while I was pregnant with Shelby, and bedrest actually gave me the needed time to study. I nursed her while I did homework and studied....I know you can do it! I think you'd be an awesome nurse or ultrasound tech. You are one of the smartest cookies that I know ♥♥


  • It's so hard to find a job that you truly love. I hope that you are able to follow the diaper cake path, those are awesome!


  • Samantha!  Life is not over!  ;)  You are an amazing woman and mommy.  I have no doubt that you will find what you love and achieve it.  I'm lovin' the pictures of the diaper cakes! :)


  • Have you looked into financial aid? You should go back! My husband's cousin works in non-profit and she loves it. I think her degree is in communications or something. I'd just start looking for jobs like that. You might really love it!

    Where do you work now?