Samarella's Journal


  • I very much wish there were answers... we know there are not.  In my eyes you are as much Trinity's Mommy as you are Jadon and Jaxon's mommy.  And every step you've taken since she was in your life has been shaped by her, just as Jadon and Jaxon leave their marks on your days.

    By this measure she is always close around you impacting each moment.  The lens in which you view your life and your mommyhood is different because she was here.  She's always with you.


  • You're right-- they all deserve to know Trinity.  You deserve to have her here with you celebrating Christmas as a family.  I don't know why things happen- I wish I did.  All I know is that she's always with you.  She's made such an impact on this world in the short time she was here.  I don't fully know or understand what grief you go through, but I do know that her tiny life has made a difference in mine.  I love you girl!!

    Julie 3

  • Tons of hugs!!  The holidays always makes the pain a bit fresher for us angel mommas.  Tons of hugs.


  • Awww, Sam.  :(  I'm so sorry you are struggling so much right now.  I know I don't have any answers, and I really wish I did.  You deserve all of that and more.  



  • We've had lots of conversations on this site about how what we deserve and what we get are so very, very different. I wish I had the answers to these questions and more. I hope that you are able to find some peace. Hugs, Sam.