Samarella's Journal


  • Samantha,

    I'm keeping your sweet Trinity in my thoughts this weekend- and you as well.  What a beautiful picture of the boys at the beach.  I too wish they had their sister here on earth to play with... and that come Monday you would be holding two sweet hands on the way to school.

    My thoughts and love are with ya mama,


  • What a sweet gift!  I'm definately keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you remember those precious moments.



  • I will be thinking of you and your Trinity this weekend.  I wish you peace as her angelversary draws near and wishing you strength to get to the other side of these precious memories.  Hugs to you Monday as you walk Jadon into school.  Kisses to Jaxson as he learns more about his baby sister with time.  Cute pic of the boys at the beach and really thoughtful gift of those sweet little toes:)

    Sending you love,


  • thinking of you and your sweet angel has been 19  months sinchte, and while it seeems like yesterday other days it seems like an eternity.. praing for confort for you in the ndays as you face the begining of another school year and trinity's birthday.

  • Sam,

    This journey is such a long and never ending one, having great friends to help support you it what makes it bearable. There is no doubt in my mind that having you as my friend has made my journey through these rough waters easier.

    I can't hear all about Jadon's first day of school. I just know that as he gets older he is going to grown into the most amazing young man. You are such a great mother to all of your children. I

  • thinking of you, Sam, this weekend. i don't think we'll ever stop wondering what our lives would be like with our angels -- and our earthly kids as well. hugs to you.