Samarella's Journal


  • Congrats on enrolling Jadon in kindergarten.  That's such a big step for him and you!  I am so glad that it sounds like you have found a measure of peace around Trinity.  She is absolutely in good hands and very proud of her mommy for smiling.


  • Hey congratulations on enrooling Jadon into kinnygarren (that's how my baby pronounced it).  That was a huge step.  

    Take good care,


  • Good luck on Jadon's first day of school. Make sure you bring lots of tissues!!!


  • It's so hard to let them go when it's time to start kindergarten!!  I know there are always concerns when there are extra things to think about for your child, but I'm sure his teacher will be more than helpful with his learning including his ADHD.


  • My son is 5 yrs old and has ADHD too. A good teacher makes all the difference! I will say a prayer that your sons teacher is patient and understanding of ADHD symptoms. You have done awesome with the weight loss.

    Best Wishes,