Samarella's Journal


  • Thank you for all you do!  That angel tree is so neat.  Thinking of you during the holidays!



  • That's GREAT!!  I am so glad that your new job is going so well.  It matters alot when you like your job.  :)

    It is normal for you to feel sad and want to cry.  

    I know a good cry is what I need sometimes.  Yesterday was hard for it was Gabby's 1st birthday/angelversary.  All I *did* was cry.  

    Know that I am thinking of you, and thanking you for the beautiful tribute to our SHARE angels.



  • Congratulations on the job...  That is always an exciting adventure!

    I completely understand what you mean about Christmas and no hlep but to feel sad...  I have yet to put up a single decorataion and am truly dreading the holidays.

    While I wish for any other reason for us all to have "met" I am glad we have all been brought together.  

    I am thinking of you; and know that our angels are watching you.


  • Congrats on the new job.  HAving something to focus on, to keep you busy - is a good thing!  

    I pray for peace for you this holiday season.